TRG Management Company was formed 1984 to primarily manage various forms of multi-family housing. Since its inception, the company has enjoyed a reputation as the leader in the real estate management business in Florida having managed more than 70,000 units. TRG currently employs over 250 real estate management professionals.

 The Difference Between Being Accomplished and Exceptional

The company was founded and organized on the premise that a professionally trained, centrally directed property management staff is critical to maximizing cash flows and driving the long term value of the real estate. To keep employees focused on this goal all employee incentives are based on this philosophy and are heavily geared toward income maximization and prudent expense control.

Efficient operational systems and a decentralized organizational structure allow for fast and efficient decision making with maximum upper management control. TRG Management’s innovative management programs and effective support systems have made the firm a recognized industry leader.

Currently, TRG Management has more than 80 properties in the company’s portfolio and has become a fully integrated organization. TRG Management Company and its affiliates are unique in offering a diversified scope of services that includes:

  • Full service property management
  • Creative marketing and training support
  • Compliance Management and Consulting
  • Construction and rehab management
  • Acquisition and disposition due diligence
  • Asset management
  • Residential development
  • Commercial development
  • Joint venture opportunities
  • Acquisition and finance
  • Condominium Management

These substantial performance advantages translate into measurable, value-added support and opportunities for the firm’s owned portfolio and fee managed base.

EEO Compliance

TRG Management Company is proud of its achievements as an equal opportunity and an affirmative action employer. The corporation’s policies and practices are focused on the professional growth and the commitment to, not only the letter, but the intent of Equal Employment Opportunity law. TRG complies with all federal laws and Executive Orders.

When state laws are more expansive (as in the unlimited prohibition against age discrimination or the specific prohibition against discrimination based on sickle cell trait), we are mindful of these regulations.

As an affirmative action employer, we maintain current Affirmative Action Plans consistent with requirements of Executive Order 11246, the Rehabilitation Act and the Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Act. We retain a management-consulting firm (EEO Compliance Services, Inc.) to produce these Plans, which contain the following:

  • Policy Statements regarding equal employment affirmative action.
  • An enumeration of internal and external dissemination activities.
  • An enumeration of responsibilities under the Affirmative Action Plan and the assignment of an EEO Administrator for their implementation.
  • A Workforce Analysis indicating race, sex, EEO-1 category, job title, salary, department, and location for each individual within the workforce.
  • A Job Group Analysis that compiles the workforce data within EEO-1 categories and subdivisions according to OFCCP requirements.
  • An Eight Factor Availability Analysis that applies appropriate statistical data by industry and geographic location.
  • A Utilization Analysis that identifies problem areas within the workforce when measured against the availability figures.
  • Goals and objectives designed to address the areas of under-utilization identified by the Utilization Analysis.
  • A series of Action Oriented Activities written in accordance with the company’s policies and procedures which describe methods for supporting its affirmative action efforts.
  • Sections that explain the company’s Internal Audit and Reporting System, Support of Community Action Programs, and consideration of Minorities and Females not currently in the workplace.
  • Sex Discrimination Guidelines; Maternity Leave Policy; and as required under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Guidelines on Religion and National Origin.

We provide continuous training to our managers and supervisors to assure that their actions are free from bias.

We maintain an internal audit and reporting system that enables us to track and analyze our applicant flow, recruitment, hiring, and promotion, transfer and termination activity for adverse impact. Our Property Managers are actively involved in maintaining these data and are apprised of their results.

We file our EEO-1 reports and our VETS-100 reports. All appropriate State and Federal EEO postings are prominently displayed with our EEO policy at each of our properties.

Our Affirmative Action Plans and support data have been audited by the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs of the U.S. Department of Labor in 1989 and in 1994. We received a Letter of Acceptance / Compliance attesting to “no apparent deficiencies or violations” in July 1994.

Accounting Support

The TRG Management accounting system is a fully integrated part of the management operating platform. This allows optimum control of income and expenses via the web based management and accounting system. The system is programmed to enforce company policies and procedures, including the electronic approval system. The system allows real time access to all operating transactions and provides a detailed audit trail.

TRG’s internal control systems contain the following elements:

  • Preparation of detailed and approved annual budgets.
  • Monthly variance meetings with written reports.
  • Monthly property inspections by both property and asset managers.
  • Quarterly on-site audits of property resident records.
  • Purchase-order requirement for all expenditures.
  • Automated Multi-level expenditure approval authorizations, including new hires and payroll rate changes.
  • Top management approval of all over budget and capital expenditures.
  • Annual financial audits.