Success is an exception

Founded on thoughtful urban planning, provocative design, and a true devotion to art and artful living; TRG Management Company, LLP—the professional apartment management division of the Related Group—has a passion for managing rental apartments that inspire and enhance the lives of our residents. Applying a combination of skill and experience as our medium and viewing each of our beautiful communities as a canvas; we strive to create a flawless living experience that connects on an emotional level, reaching residents where they live and building relationships that will forever color the way they think of apartment living.

Our culture is rich in heritage, built upon a strong, award-winning reputation as one of the largest and most accomplished multifamily developers in the United States. Accomplished people are defined by their talents, skills, experience, and proven ability to get things done. By curating a true Team of extraordinary and incomparable professionals who aren’t satisfied with just meeting goals that most leasing, marketing, or management professionals strive for; we’ve created a culture where professional discipline is elevated to a fine art. The results that our people produce are as brilliantly exceptional as they, themselves, are—driven by a true reverence for the resident experience, a willingness to work harder than hard, a passion for perfection, and a shared goal to achieve spectacular levels of success for our company, communities, and customers alike.



Come take a look at the teams inside TRG Management Company and see what we’re all about. According to the thesaurus, accomplished people are able, talented, skilled and expert at something … they get things done. But the best thing about being exceptional is that it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re the most gifted. Exception isn’t a magic formula bestowed only on the likes of Bill Gates. You can be an exception merely by being passionately willing to work hard, and pursue a path that many who are equally gifted aren’t willing to pursue. If that level of commitment rings true; Team TRG wants you!


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Continued Expansion in Major Cities

Today, our portfolio includes over 60 completed apartment communities with some 20,000 apartment residences in varying rental rate ranges. Currently, the company is developing in Miami, Tampa, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando and Atlanta, and has plans for continued expansion in other major metropolitan cities throughout the South.



TRG Management is the premier manager of multifamily apartment communities in the State of Florida, with over 20,000 residential units currently under their care. The TRG team works in concert with Related Group’s development team to ensure that its investments are performing optimally. The TRG Team also provides a unique perspective on the management of an asset from an owner’s view.

The goal of TRG Management is to create an exceptional living environment while diligently ensuring that assets are performing a peak level. They accomplish this by utilizing the most current technology as well as providing exceptional customer service and strong leadership. Backed by Related Group’s successful 30 year track record, TRG provides expertise in all areas of property management, including marketing, training, financial reporting, construction management and maintenance.

“To create something exceptional, your mindset must be relentlessly focused on the smallest detail.” Giorgio Armani